BOS joins new Green Ship of the Future (GSF) retrofit project

Green Ship of the Future (GSF) and partners initiate new retrofit project

A large share of the existing global fleet is not up for renewal anytime soon, yet their environmental impact must be accounted for. Future compliance and the general energy efficiency of those vessels, will depend on the ship owners’ retrofit choices.

With their partners, GSF has recently launched a new project series to explore how far existing technology can take us on our mission to reduce the emissions from shipping short term.

The objective of the project is to develop a retrofit package that will contribute significantly to the energy savings on board selected vessel types, all representative of high volume vessel series. The partners expect to explore 3 vessel types in 2019 of which the first is an MR tanker from HAFNIA. Each case is based on the actual data and operations profile of a specific vessel and thus calculations on both energy savings and business case will remain as close to reality as possible.

In each case, a group of suppliers will identify relevant technology with a potential to significantly reduce the fuel consumption, improve operations or in other ways increase the energy efficiency of the vessel. ​“With this project, HAFNIA hope to verify bunker savings and the impact implementation of different technologies actually have. This is relevant to explore for retrofit projects but also for new-building projects because we take the real trading profile and consumption into consideration.”​ says Jørgen Thuesen, General Manager Technical, Newbuildings & Projects HAFNIA, he continues: “​We​ also hope that the result can clarify the impact different technologies have on each other, what technologies will support each other and will there be technologies that actually work against each other for a specific type of vessel. One technology might make sense on one type of vessel but not another.

Collaboration is always at the core of GSF and their activities and this project is no exception: While each partner may calculate the potential savings from their individual technology, they will also exchange information across suppliers to ensure optimal alignment. In addition, the project managers, MAN Energy Solutions and Danish Energy Consulting, will carry out calculations on a systems level in order to assess the total energy balance of the vessel and coherence between the technology choices made.

“​The fact that the project deals with a vessel that is only 2 1⁄2 years old does not only show what possibilities are available for optimizing this vessel, but that most vessels can be optimized. The project also shows the importance of assessing the individual measures based on the vessel’s operating profile and at the same time evaluating the effect of the individual products, so that two good initiatives do not counteract each other, but instead reinforces the overall efficiency.​” Ole Jakobsen, Danish Energy Consulting

The project will explore a wide range of technology, including wind: ​“We’re delighted to be part of the Green Ship of the Future (GSF) retrofit project. As pioneers of modern auxiliary wind propulsion technology for the global maritime industry, we look forward to collaborating with our fellow GSF members to support shipping’s decarbonisation goals. We believe that the ability to harness wind as an additional propulsion source to enable a reduction in fuel consumption and related emissions is a natural next step for the maritime industry as it seeks to remain cost-efficient and meet existing and forthcoming environmental regulations.”says ​Tuomas Riski, CEO Norsepower Oy.

At this point, the project partners include​: ABB, Alfa Laval, Bureau Veritas, BOS Global, Clorius Controls, Danfoss, Danish Energy Consulting, DESMI, DNV GL, GreenSteam HAFNIA, MAN Energy Solutions, Maersk Tankers, Norsepower, Optimum Voyage, Orcan, Rolls Royce and Royston.

More information:​ Anne Katrine Bjerregaard, head of Green Ship of the​ / +45 20450191

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Green Ship of the Future (GSF) is an independent non-profit organization driven and financed by their members from across the maritime industry. With their members, GSF explores the road towards zero emission maritime transportation, the short and long term solutions and the necessary stepping stones between today, 2030, 2050 and beyond. GSF facilitates collaboration and innovation across maritime value