We are dedicated to protect the coastal aquatic ecosystem from the invasive species. We strive to avoid unnecessary aggressive treatment and deliver green Ballast Water Management system that complies with full ballast water D2 discharge standard.

We embrace green and smart initiatives like digitization, automation and de-carbonisation. They are the DNA of our BWM system, BOS Natural Ballast

We believe in:

Cleaner Future

Truly green solutions come with low power requirements, zero emissions and zero GHG.                                 

Our eco-friendly Ballast Water Management System requires less power and comply with the ballast water discharge standard with less GHG. 

Simple Yet Effective Solutions

The best solutions and ideas are made to be simple. This is fundamental in our research and product development.

BOS Natural Ballast is designed to be easily installed into any existing ship, with a quick installation on vessels of any size or type.


Solutions that make better ecological and economical sense